Security - More relevant than ever.

Arbel Consulting & Training's specialty is task-specific training.

Our solutions are designed for professionals and non-professionals alike, whether they are your staff and employees, on-site security team, members and frequent visitors of your establishment and even your family and relatives.


We combine real-life experience in various military and security roles with creative, service-oriented thinking to ensure that whether you have professional security on-site or not, you are not helpless in the face of crime, terrorism or accidental emergencies.

Designed for your business, not added to it.


Security and Convenience often cancel one another, to a certain degree. Is your business an all-welcome establishment? Or is it an exclusive members-only club? It might be somewhere in between. But whether your receptionists know everyone who comes through the door or see new people every day, Arbel Consulting & Training will design, plan and train your employees and security staff to keep you safe in a way that will cause minimal discomfort to your clients without compromising on the level of security you desire.


  • Security procedures designed to be discreet and respectful
  • Placement of personnel & technologies to offer maximum efficiency
  • Written instruction manuals and assignment briefs reflecting your business's nature and code of conduct
  • Contractor Integration Program - Helping you fine-tune the performance of your security team and prepare them for emergency situations unique to your venue and area.

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