Arbel Consulting & Training was founded in order to enhance civilian resilience and improve personal safety in the face of terrorism and rising levels of crime in the UK and Europe.

Based on a rich and diverse background in the Israeli military and security organizations we offer unique training programs to security professionals and non-professionals alike, such as can be found nowhere else in the civilian market.

We are driven by a simple truth - Those who seek to harm us are training constantly. We must train with equal dedication in order to offer superior resistence.

Comitted to Performance

Arbel Consulting & Training is comitted to improving individual performance in the security industry.

In a market that relies more and more on technologies,

ACT is a firm believer in the critical necessity of well-trained individuals and the difference a professional person can make in times of crisis.

From conducting security operations on the ground to training the public in advanced self defense methods, we lead by example and inspire excellence.

What we do

  • Training for security officers
  • Training for staff and employees
  • Advanced self defense training
  • Firearms training
  • Design concepts and procedures
  • Prepare instruction manuals and assignment briefs
  • Provide excellent service tailored to your business
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