Arbel Consulting & Training was founded in order to bring the individuality that characterizes successful business start-ups to the Security industry. Standardized training is too short and too general - meanwile, the Opponent makes meticulous and thorough preparations to strike a single target. 

We should adapt our Security concepts, methods and personnel to offer equal and superior resistance.

Comitted to Performance

Arbel Consulting & Training is comitted to improving individual performance in the security industry.

In a market that relies more and more on technologies, ACT is a firm believer in the critical necessity of well-trained individuals and the difference a professional person can make in times of crisis.

From performing physical operations on the ground to training specialist security officers and designing security concepts, we lead by example and inspire excellence.

What we do

  • Training for security officers
  • Training for staff and employees
  • Firearms training
  • Design concepts and procedures
  • Prepare instruction manuals and assignment briefs
  • Provide excellent service tailored to your business
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